Friday, August 3, 2007

My first ever blog

Well hello, and welcome to my first ever blog.

For those who don't know me my name is Simon Benham and from October 14th I'm going to be the Senior Pastor of Bracknell Family Church, following on from Ben Davies who has been senior Pastor for 43 years and has seen the church grow from a handful of people to over 500 on a Sunday morning - a very hard act to follow! I'm married to the beautiful Catrina and have three children, Zak, Jacob and Alice - I love being a husband and a Dad.

One of the big challenges in a church our size is communication. How do we let people know what is going on, how do we keep the vision clear, how do we communicate the reasoning and thinking behind the the decisions we make.

Well one key seems to be communicate as frequently and in as many different ways as you possibly can. To that end I thought I'd start a blog. Mostly a blog about my thoughts as Senior Pastor to be, with perhaps the odd family thing thrown in to keep it all real.

I'm not sure when I'll go public with this, but presumably if you've found this I've now gone public! So let me know what you think. Good idea, bad idea? What would you like to read about here. All comments (at least the one's the take me up in my lift!) gratefully received.


Julie said...

Hello Simon
Great idea having a 'blog space' here. I like your openess and honesty and am so pleased that you will be taking over as elder later this year. I will keep reading this space with interest.
God Bless you Simon.
Julie Mampaeij

Simon Benham said...

Thanks for that Julie. I just hope I manage to write something interesting :-)