Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back in the Groove

Well now back from Willow, walking Hadrian's Wall with my son Zak and then a week in a beautiful cottage in the Lake District with the rest of the family. All in all a fantastic time in so many different ways, but it was great to be back again on Sunday after three Sundays away. I thought Matt Price lead us excellently in worship both morning and evening (I love his new song) and it was great to have Zoe Hayes preaching for the first time on Sunday evening - well done Zoe.

This weekend Michael Ramsden is with us. If you want to get a feel for what he's like as a speaker have a look at the video clip of him on our website here. He's speaking at the Alpha launch event on Saturday night (tickets available from The Kerith Centre Reception priced £5) and then again on Sunday morning. I want to commend Jonathan Davis who first recommended Michael to us and then has pressed through in making all the arrangements for him coming - I'm sure we're in for an excellent weekend.

Other highlights over the next few weeks are the formal launch of "Kerith in the Community" on the morning of Sunday 16th September, John Kirkby of Christians Against Poverty with us on the morning of Sunday 7th October, Lyndon Bowring of Care with us that evening and then on the 14th October the celebration of Ben Davies's 43 years as Senior Pastor of Bracknell Family Church and me moving into the role of Senior Pastor. All very exciting.


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