Friday, November 23, 2007

At Lusaksa aiport

Well we're sat at Luskaka airport waiting for the flight home, all except for Ben who is flying on to Johanesburg and then Soweto. The team will be sharing some of their experiences on Sunday morning and evening so I won't say too much here, other than that you must ask Lee about eating catepillars!

The big take away from the trip for me is that with knowledge comes responsibility. Having seen that family starving to death in their huts I'll always live with the knowledge that although I'm going back to my nice comfortable life there are people waking up with that as their reality every day of their lives. The question now is what am I as an individual and what are we as a church family going to do about it in order to be part of the solution even more than we are at the moment.

Well whilst here we've been talking with TearFund and one of their partners in Zambia about what our involvement might look like. I need to sit down and discuss it with the other elders but it seems very exciting in that it's a model which other UK churches that want to engage could copy. Hopefully I'll be able to say more on the morning of Sunday 9th.

Keep praying for and inviting people to the Christmas events (hard to imagine from the sweltering heat here) and I'll look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 2nd.

You're a masterpiece of God - go out and live like it.

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