Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 3

Travelled north from Lusaka today to the copper mining region of Zambia. Once there started by visiting a church with a large number of aids orphans. They've organised them into a singing / drama group who go round performing for other young people teaching them about the realities of HIV/aids. All peer led. Pastor Moses who leads the church has a huge vision for reaching people with both practical demonstrations of God's love and preaching the gospel - sounds familiar! Then went to a village where a local witch doctor got saved and the impact was such the church grew from 2 to 200 in the space of a few weeks. Again many aids orphans. You really notice there are loads of young children and old women but very few others. We go off individually to live in villages after church tomorrow. I hear unique breakfast went well - Catrina is very pleased. Praying for tomorrow. Love, Simon and the team.

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