Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 4 Sent 18.11.07 by text

Church this morning with pastor Moses. I was asked last night if I wanted to preach, although it didn't feel like I had much option! There were about 200 people there including children. A group from the village we visited yesterday came - a walk of about 1.5 hours - never complain about the walk from Avis! It's amazing how at home you can feel in church in a different culture. Worship is still worship - although styles differ (all the group apart from me and Ben did a performance song - very brave). Notices are still boring! You just see the reality that we truly are all one in Christ. As I write this we're on the minibus on our way to the villages we're staying in tonight. Praying that God will meet with people at the KC today. Simon.

PS Good on Israel beating Russia. Hopefully we can find a TV showing the game on Wednesday. Shame about Scotland - I really hoped they'd qualify.


Lincoln said...

Hey Simon

Good to get regular updates on how the trip is going. It's great to get the updates regularly rather than have to wait until you get back.

Hope you're not too bothered by the cold, rain and the wrong type of leaves.

The weather here has been hot and sunny :) (really!!!)

The DVD 'experiment' today went well. From the filming perspective, it still looked a bit dark so next time we might need to have the lights on slightly brighter.

Hope the rest of the team are also enjoying the experience of being out there.

Given what you've been exposed to so far, do you feel that you are already shaping a corporate response in your mind?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Its great to hear of how its going out there in the land where the sun never sets!

Tell Ben that its snowing out here, now that he is not in Bracknell!