Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day four at the Willow PTP leaders gathering

Hi again all. We're sat around waiting for our meal with Bill Hybels so thought I'd do todays update now rather than tomorrow morning.
Most of today was with Greg Hawkins who is executive pastor which means he works alongside Bill Hybels as senior pastor to do the day to day running of the church. He spent most of the day talking about an analysis tool they've developed called Reveal which is a questionnaire a church does to find out where it is at, which of its programmes are working and which don't. One of their most powerful findings has been that the most powerful thing a church can do is equip people to read their Bibles and encounter God for themselves. Food for thought and we'll definitely look at whether we do Reveal in the New Year.
The other but of the day was a tour of Willows incredible facilities. I've attached some photos of the back of their stage and video editing facilities. Hopefuly they'll come out better than the useless picture I posted in my previous entry! Catrina told me The Kerith Centre is starting to look amazing with the decorations and stage going up - huge thanks to everyone giving up time and energy to make all that happen - can't wait to see it on Sunday morning and use it for The Xmas Factor on Sunday night.
Hope you all slept well!
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