Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day thee at the Willow PTP leaders gathering

Hi all. A bit of a slower day yesterday but still very interesting. All about the governing structure of Willow Creek where the elders very much oversee the church, looking at things like the churches doctrinal position on divorce and remarriage and trying to see where the church will be 3 years out and then having another team of people who work out the day to day implementation of that vision. Certainly some food for thought for me and the other elders if we want to be 2,000.
Then in the evening we went to New Community which is their midweek believers meeting. At the end they invited all of us on the course onto the platform - so I can now say I've been on the Willow platform!
This morning we've got Greg Hawkins speaking who is their executive pastor - in charge of the day to day running of the church. A good friend of Matt and Susan Errickson who moved to us from Willow - I'll see if I can persuade anyone else here to come to Bracknell and join them! Not sure about this afternoon but tonight a meal with Bill Hybels - how cool is that.
I've tried to attach a photo of last night but not sure whether that will work with these email blog updates.
Love to you all - keep inviting people for Sunday night!

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