Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day two at the Willow PTP leaders gathering

Another great day.
For most of it we were with Gordon MacDonald who some of you may remember spoke at a Willow event in our building earlier this year. It was quite a different session in that the focus was on our personal lives and doing life well rather than anything to do with building great churches. Lots about making time for yourself and friends and not being consumed by ministry and having people around you who do you good. Ask me when I get back how I'm doing implementing any of it as that's always the challenge. Gordon is coming to do a mens day for us on Saturday 10th May 2008 - put it in your diaries guys as he's a very good speaker. I also chatted with him about whether his wife who is a very accomplished speaker would speak to the women on the Friday night which he was very up for so we'll try and make that happen.
The other speaker was Nancy Beach who has been at Willow since day one and is involved in their creative arts ministry. One of my passions is that we would be a place where the creative arts (music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, writing, video and all the technical stuff that goes to support these) flourish and are used in our gatherings to create moments of awe where people connect with God. She spoke very practically about some of the issues and problems they've had and how they overcame them. Looking at the programme for Sunday evening which I've been helping plan from a distance we should have some moments of awe there - don't miss it!
Hope you all have a great day - more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Simon, Steph Summers here - the Scotish one! Just felt compelled to leave a comment today on how much I am enjoying reading your blog. Blogs are one of those things that people start and never seem intersted to keep on going, but yours is great! Its so amazing to think that one person can be however many miles away and still be influencing the local community that you are in now and also back at home. Look forward to hearing about your next instalments and to see if it snows or not - a real shame Bens not with you! Take care of yourselfs out there. xox.

Simon Benham said...

Hi Steph. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, and for the encouragement. I'm really pleased you're enjoying the blog and finding it interested.
Hope to see you at the weekend.