Saturday, December 1, 2007

Final day of the Willow PTP leaders gathering

Hi all. Well I'm sat here in Chicago's O'Hare airport with my starbucks latte (happiness is a latte!) having just done the next draft of my talk for the Xmas Factor on Sunday night (which I'm feeling very excited about) waiting for my flight home. I never enjoy travelling on my own - I'm always worried that I'll do something stupid like get on the wrong plane - but at least this trip has felt like its been well worth while.
We finished today with an all day question and answer session with Bill Hybels, very similar in style to the one he did a few weeks back when he was in Bracknell. Fortunately there was very little overlap between the questions asked at the two different sessions which was great. There were too many questions to list them all here but needless to say the answers were fantastic!! Ask to see my notes if you'd like some examples.
So what have I learnt this week? First of all just a reinforced belief that we are on the right track and that the dreams God has placed in our hearts need to be pursued with energy and passion, along with a deep assurance that God is with us. Then lots of specific things I feel God spoke to me about which we'll hopefully be putting into practice over the coming weeks and months.
Can't wait to see you all again on Sunday for Don Smith in the morning and the Xmas factor in the evening.

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