Thursday, December 20, 2007

A slightly higher profile radio interview than mine!

Having had my own very small slot on Radio Berkshire on Sunday I was really interested to hear a bit of the Simon Mayo show on Radio 5 where Ricky Gervais (of The Office fame) and The Archbishop of Canterbury overlapped and had a short but very interesting conversation on a wide range of subjects. I thought The Archbishop did OK - you can see what you think by watching the YouTube video of it here. His interview afterwards was also quite interesting - you can find an audio version of that on the BBC website.

Talking of videos I thought I'd highlight again some of the amazing work our media team are doing. There are photos of some of the events around the celebration of Ben's 43 years in Bracknell here and a fantastic video summary here. You can also watch the video of Clive Challis being interviewed here - this has already been downloaded and watched 68 times with some very good feedback. I'll only hint at the video Paul Harker and others have done for Christmas Eve and say that it's outstanding - be there. Kerith Nooma here we come! No seriously video is such an important tool in our media savvy society - I heard somebody describe it as the 21st Century's stained glass window which I thought was quite an interesting image - it is inevitably a big part of our future although always only a tool to get the message across.

Keep reading through Luke - if you're on track then it will be Luke 4 today.

Hope to catch you on Sunday, if not then Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

Have fun!


ps There is a possibility Canon Andrew White will be with us on the morning of the 6th January - still to be definitely confirmed but if we do have him that will be a morning not to miss - you heard it here first! Then 40 days of purpose starts the following Sunday - all exciting stuff.


Anonymous said...

I am making my way through Luke at the moment, but finding it hard to get my head out of Chapter 2 and Jesus being presented in the temple. It was encouraging to hear Ben preach on Simeon this morning, drawing on the same page, the same verses.

John tells us at the beginning of his gospel 'the Word became flesh and made His dwelling amongst us'(Jn 1v14). Simeon held 'The Word'. Because of his faithful walk with God, because the spirit was upon him, he knew exactly who he held in his arms, the amazing miracle of God made man.

He was full of praise, but in his joy he did not shy away from speaking the prophetic words that the spirit had given him, even though some of this must have been hard to speak over this new born child and his parents.

There is something here about our hearts of stone becoming hearts of flesh and the spirit dwelling there. Something about holding the living word of God in our hands daily, and responding to the prompting the spirit makes when we read it.

Sometimes there is joy and praise for answered prayer or clarity, or a conclusion to something long waited for and pondered over. On other occasions there are hard lessons to learn or hard things to share.

May God help us to be a people who are faithful in our walk with Him, so that we may know the presence of the holy spirit in or lives. May we recognise and value this gift, the word that we hold, and be committed to sharing that message, when it is easy, and when it is hard to do so.

Simon Benham said...

Not sure who left this comment but I totally agree with what you have to say about us engaging with the Bible daily and obeying God's promptings - so key for us as we look to be increasingly fruitful.