Friday, December 14, 2007

Way outside my comfort zone

I feel that I'm currently living most of my life outside my comfort zones. In the last 2 months I've done my first TV interview, first newspaper interview, first stint as Senior Pastor, first funeral, so many firsts that I'm losing count! Well Sunday morning is another one with my first radio interview. I don't know how it looks on the outside but on the inside

I'm going to be on BBC Radio Berkshire from 8-9 am on the Clare Catford Show. You can find more details and I think listen to an archive of the show up to a week later here.

Ben Davies and Janine Jackson are both past masters at doing this show but for me it's a first and feels quite scary. Please pray for me that it will go well and that I won't say anything I shouldn't!

After that back to The Kerith Centre for our Sunday morning meeting with the children in their parties from 9:50 and then J John on Sunday evening - should be very exciting. A number of people have asked me if there are still tickets available for Sunday night. Be assured that it isn't a ticketed event so just turn up, but do remember to park at the Avis car park.

I'm going over to Reading with Steve Scott who is not only an amazing guitarist but is also doing an incredible job doing more and more of our interactions with the press. It was Steve who got ITV here for the October handover events, Steve who has handled all the recent press releases with the local newspapers and Steve who organised for me to be on the radio on Sunday morning. He's to blame for many of my scary firsts! Another one of our incredible army of volunteers who brings his unique gifts to help us do what we do.

Hope to see you all on Sunday,


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations at being inclined to brave-outside of your comfort zones... I sincerely hope/pray that the motivations in venturing outside comfort zones comes by spitual-baits!

The other day I was mentally revisiting the draft outine of Church vision, and thought perhaps we can encapsulate the itemised draft vision statements in the following quote;
"... we are WHAT we are, and we are HOW we are because we are of God in Christ Jesus..."

The Questions then could be;

WHAT are we (1,2,3, ...)???

HOW is it that we are (1,2,3, ...)???

How do we (institutionally) model to the secular society that we are "of God in Christ" - giving free handouts, achieving/wining against odds by faith, provision of solace 1st by Prayer/Word of Life or 1st by man-system/methods/resource/materials?

You did say to brain storm the vision - that is what hopfully I could be further trigering here?

Yours in HIM;