Thursday, January 24, 2008

Slots for the 24 Hours of Prayer

As promised (although a little later than intended) here are the list of slots for the 24 hours of prayer starting this Friday at 8am. Please plan to be there for as many of the slots as you can, especially the less popular ones such as meal times! Sorry the formatting isn't any better but I haven't worked out how to do tables in the blog yet!

Hope to see you tonight or some time over the 24 hours.


Time Theme Leader
8.00 am Open Prayer Simon Benham
9.00 am Life Groups/Freedom in Christ Ben Oliver
10.00 am Sparklers Dany Smith
11.00 am TMTL Bill Dick
12.00 am Open Prayer Hilary Hulme
1.00 pm KiCKonnections/Outreach Catriona Mitchell
2.00 pm Kids Work/K2 Rocks Karen Mehta
3.00 pm European Church Links Ken Bothamley
4.00 pm Open Prayer Ben Davies
5.00 pm South Africa/Kenya/Zambia Ben Davies
6.00 pm CAP Andy Jackson
7.00 pm KiC – Hilltop/Parenting/Deaf Catriona Mitchell
8.00 pm Open Prayer w/Communion Simon Benham
9.00 pm Youth Lee Layton-Matthews
10.00 pm Unique Catrina Benham
11.00 pm National Impact Jacqui Webber-Gant
12.00 pm Open Prayer Lincoln Osunkoya
1.00 am Men @ Kerith Mike Webber-Gant
2.00 am Revival Jon Hulme
3.00 am Alpha/Evangelism Pete Moon
4.00 am Open Prayer Ken Bothamley
5.00 am Money Ben Davies
6.00 am HIV/AIDS/Tearfund Alan Lander
7.00 am Wrap up and Communion Simon Benham

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