Thursday, February 21, 2008

Help with Sunday's Sermon

I've got a big favour to ask. On Sunday we're going to be finishing the Purpose Driven Life series by looking at "What Have We Learned". What I'd like to do is include stories of how people have been impacted by the series, so I need your help.

If God has spoken to you, encouraged you, redirected you, worked in your children, spoken into your marriage, spoken into your singleness, giving you a different perspective, got you serving in a different ministry area, given you a passion for going overseas or helped you better understand your past then please let me know. It doesn't need to be an essay! One sentence or a short paragraph would be ideal. Ideally leave a comment on the blog (so everyone can see it) but if not then send me an email. Also let me know if you'd rather your comment was anonymous - otherwise you may have your name on the podcast!

Please, please take a moment to do this. I can't guarantee to use everything but if no one contributes it will be a very short talk on Sunday morning!

Thanks in advance,



Anonymous said...

Because of purpose driven life series I have started to look at my life in a different way and started to relate to some people in church without as much fear and people in my private life

Simon Benham said...

That's fantastic to hear - thanks for taking the time to comment.

If people are feeling really brave can I encourage them to leave names as well, although I understand some people will want to be anonymous.

Keep that feedback coming!


Anonymous said...

I was impacted by the discipleship chapters and have been inspired to memorize scripture weekly - so am buying a copy of the Topical Memory System by Navpress... we'll see how it goes!
Also, the HIT list thing was a good reminder to keeping praying for friends


Anonymous said...

In the first week there was the chapter about surrendering. Although I've been a Christian for many years, and though I've been to lots of counselling and seminars and conferences, there is always that little bit that stays with me, even when I don't realise it. Whenever something comes up now, I try to remember to surrender it to God straight away, which not only takes the burden off me, but it also means it isn't hanging around to be surrendered in 10 years time! This helped me a lot when my nephew died last month and I was struggling to find 'purpose'. Just as an aside, 6 people became Christians as a result of his funeral!

Anonymous said...

this book has somehow or other crystalised decades of my christian life...altho it hasnt been anything new such .... the way it has been written and studied with the weekly sermons and with life groups seems to have made it easier to absorb into my spirit...

the chapters about serving have propelled me into a completely new and exciting role in church life and boy !! am i buzzing with that...several phrases seemed to hit the"if you arent serving you are just existing because life is meant for serving" i think for some time i was just "existing in my christian life and church...and now i feel alive......and "significance not prominence" was also a new slant on what i do.....and the S.H.A.P.E.was also helpful to me.....

and the chapters about belonging also have impacted me big time...."i dont need to be alone anymore" and "community has nothing to do with compatibility...the basis for fellowship is our relationship with God." and certainly the last few weeks spent in a fairly new life group have been an excellent time to be myself and to share and be part of what God is saying to others during this study has been a great privilege ...people have been incredibly open and honest in our group..

simon....we are continuing to pray for you and catrina and the children...take care and hope to welcome you back on sunday....will miss your daily blogs.!!!!..i know i need to get a life.... sad woman.!!!

geri .....what fantastic news re the folks becoming christians at your nephews funeral God works all things together for his purposes

irene m.

Anonymous said...

The chapter that talked about temptations being allowed to build us up not tear us down with guilt. also that God will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear.

also liked the S.H.A.P.E as well and likening all five spiritual disciplines to an olympic pentathalon, found that really good as we are in a 'race'

Chris M

Anonymous said...

I am several days behind in doing this study.
Doing this study has reminded me how much God loves me and that I am special to him.Also that He knew me before he made the world.
Scriptures that I knew has also come alive again in a new way.
My feeling is that I am more confident in my approach to God and my prayer life seems to have taken on a life of its own!!!!

I have been spoken to so much and I think I may have to go through it again.

Simon thank you very much for bringing thisto the whole chrch to do.... we should all be changed after doing this.

Hope you are feeling better.

iris j said...

Simon sorry forgot to put my name on the blog

It began with "I am several days behind...

Iris J