Thursday, February 21, 2008

Purpose Driven Life - Day 40 - Living With Purpose

Well we've come to the end of our Purpose Driven journey - although in many ways this is hopefully just the beginning of living a life more aware of God's purposes for our lives. I love what Rick says about the fact there are often multiple options available to us, all of which would allow us to fulfill God's will in our lives and what we really need to focus on is fulfilling God's purposes and not our plans. Enjoy this final chapter, or whichever chapter you've got to by today :-)

I hope you saw the request in my previous entry for feedback for me to use in my message on Sunday morning. Please use the blog comments or email me to give me your feedback - I'd really appreciate it. It can still be included up until abut 9am on Sunday morning so that's your deadline - although I'd obviously appreciate it earlier rather than later.

I realise that on and off I've been ill for pretty much all of the 40 days! I'm not sure that's such a coincidence. Anyway, today I've had a really good day and feel so much better. I really appreciate everyone who's been praying for me, those who have sent emails or left comments of encouragement and everyone in the office and elsewhere who have covered for me whilst I've been away. Thank you. And I couldn't go without mentioning my wonderful wife Catrina who has had to put up with being both a nurse and a single parent for over a month now. There must have been moments when she regretted that "In sickness and in health" line from the wedding vows!

Blog entries will now go back to 2 or 3 a week (unless I think of lots to say) - hope that those of you who subscribed for the 40 days will choose to stay with the blog.

Hope to see you on Sunday, if not before.



Living on purpose is the only way to really live!

“For David … served the purpose of God in his own generation.” Acts 13:36 (NASB)

In the Upper Room, as Jesus was concluding his last day of ministry with his disciples, he washed their feet as an example and said, “Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” John 13:17 (NIV) Once you know what God wants you to do, the blessing comes in actually doing it.

You may wonder, “What about God’s will for my job or marriage or where I’m supposed to live or go to school?” Honestly, these are secondary issues in your life, and there may be multiple possibilities that would all be in God’s will for you. What matters most is that you fulfill God’s eternal purposes regardless of where you live or work or whom you marry. Those decisions should support your purposes. Focus on God’s purposes for your life, not your plans, since that’s what will last forever.

It’s easy to drift away from what matters most and slowly get off course. To prevent this, you should develop a purpose statement for your life and then review it regularly.

Imagine what it is going to be like one day, with all of us standing before the throne of God presenting our lives in deep gratitude and praise to Christ. Together we will say, “Worthy, Oh Master! Yes, our God! Take the glory! the honor! the power! You created it all; It was created because you wanted it!” Revelation 4:11 (Msg)

We will praise him for his plan and live for his purposes forever!

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Sue said...

Where are last weeks sermons? Hope to be able to listen to them and todays soon!