Friday, March 14, 2008

How's Your Weekend Looking?

Just a reminder of what's coming up this weekend.

First of all the Positive Conference on Saturday. You can pay on the door so if you haven't already registered so just turn up - whatever you don't miss this chance to be in at the start of our HIV/AIDS response as a church.

On Sunday morning Patricia Sawo, one of the main speakers for the conference, is going to be speaking. Those from Tearfund who have heard her before say she isn't to be missed. We're also going to be welcoming over 20 people into membership - that in itself must be something of a record.

Then Sunday evening I'm going to interview Patricia, along with Lindsey Reece-Smith from Tearfund. That's after our fantastic youth band Ethos have lead us in worship.

Finally to let you know we 'rang the bell' twice this week, which is something we do every time somebody makes a first time commitment to Christ. One day we'll get to God daily adding to our number, for now two a week will do me!

Hope to catch you over the weekend. It's going to be a great one :-)



Anonymous said...

I was at the Positive conference today and it was amazing to hear such stories of hope, frightening to hear some of the statistics, and challenging to be asked "what will you do"?

I feel "gloriously ruined" to take Kay's words.

Its a privilege to be a part of the church at such an exciting time as this.

Sue R

Anonymous said...

We were visiting Bracknell this Sunday so took the opportunity to visit. We loved it!

The worship time was great, and the message from your visiting speaker challenging & clear.

We were almost overwhelmed by the family atmosphere and love and grace that seemed to be flowing out of everyone who spoke and in everything that was done.

No wonder you are welcoming so many new members & baptising so many!!

Simon Benham said...

Great to hear you got so much out of the conference Sue, and that Patricia seems to have had such an impact on Sunday morning. I'm still buzzing from the weekend.