Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Sunday story you may not have heard

After posting the last blog entry I remembered there was a story from Sunday morning which I meant to mention but forgot.

After the meeting finished on Sunday morning and lots of people had gone home a young guy came back in and spoke to me. He'd driven away from the meeting with his fiancee and when she asked him why he was so quiet he said that he'd wanted to respond to the call to be baptised but didn't have the courage to come down from the balcony (seems strange when he also told me he was in the army and had fought in Iraq!). So having come back and heard from him that he became a Christ follower exactly a year ago we baptised him there and then with about 50 of us stood around the baptistry (we would have done it in the evening but he was flying back to Germany that evening).

Jacqui Webber-Gant did film it so we might post the video on the internet at some point.

I'd like to believe that baptising 33 people in a day will become the norm for us - the reality is that if as we pray "God daily added to our number those who were being saved" we'd be baptising that many people every month. How would it be if at the next baptisms in July every LifeGroup had someone from their group being baptised - perhaps we could have LifeGroup leaders baptising people from their groups!

Let's pray and believe God for that many people being baptised every month.


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Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! Thank you God for moving among us. We're on a fantastic journey everyone. More and more to come