Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Update On My Health

A number of people were kind enough to ask about my health at the weekend, so in case anyone else is interested I thought I'd post an update here.

I had my cystoscopy last Thursday, and suffice to say it was one of the most painful things I've ever been through! The outcome is that everything seems OK, although the consultant has put me on antibiotics for another 6 weeks (that will be my 5th course of antibiotics since the start of the year) and then in 3 months time wants to do another cystoscopy just to be sure (oh joy!).

I'm still getting really tired if I do too much (which apparently is to be expected) which is interesting when with the wedding of Gary and Anita last weekend and the Positive conference next Saturday I'm due to be working 19 days in a row! I'm doing my very best to rest and Catrina, Lydia and the rest of the staff team are trying to make sure I don't do too much.

Finally I thought you might enjoy this media which Allison Inwards sent me a link to last week. Very inspiring. Let's leave that car park free for our visitors!



Sandra said...

Good to hear you're under the close eye of Catrina and team ensuring you're not doing too much - please be a good patient and get well!!

Great vision night Simon very honest and informative and good to see so many there.

Great media Ali - I'd advise everyone to watch it.

matt said...

great news that everything is clear. well done for going through with the tests

we love you simon

Anonymous said...

so good to hear you are re-gaining health...even if you are stacked with antibiotics....

thanks for the link to "johnny the bagger"...it was very good ...we can all take some inspiration from this

irene m.

Anonymous said...

it is great to hear you are recovering slowly even if it is with the help of medication and the great tean of people around you. it was good that your tests were clear as you are loved by everybody simon


Simon Benham said...

I so appreciate everyones support - you can't realise how much it means to me.