Monday, March 17, 2008

Watch More Television (at least for this week)

Normally I'd recommend that people watch less TV, but for this week only I thought I'd highlight a couple of programmes which may well be worth watching.

The first is "The Passion" which is on BBC1 all this week - Episode 2 is tonight (Monday 17th) at 8.30. It's had very good reviews from a number of people, has an all star cast and is supposedly very true to the gospel accounts so should be good. I heard an interview with the guy who produced it saying that when he started out on the project he wasn't sure where his faith was but by the end would identify himself as a Christian. If like me you missed Episode 1 then you can catch it on the BBC iPlayer.

The second programme is Rageh Omaar: The Iraq War By Numbers which is of particular interest to us as it features our very good friend Canon Andrew White - The Vicar of Baghdad. It's on ITV1 tonight from 10.35. I've no idea what it will be like but I'm sure Andrew will bring his own unique take on what is happening in Iraq. Thanks to Miriam Barker for pointing this one out to me.

Also for those of a nervous disposition you could watch the Birmingham v Newcastle game on Setanta at 8.00. Fortunately I've got a meeting to talk about some ideas for extending The Kerith Centre (Kerith Coffee here we come!) so won't be able to watch it!

I'll comment on the weekend just gone later on in the week. Suffice it to say for now that for me it felt like a defining point for us as we continue to work out how we engage with all the issued surrounding HIV/AIDS and look to make a real difference both locally and globally.

Hope you have a fantastic week and that you can make it to our Easter Baptism Celebrations next Sunday morning and evening - they're going to be great.



Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
Thanks for keeping us up to date with so much information.
I did see the programme about Iraq last evening but Andrew White was only featured for a few minutes. I felt that what came across mainly, is that the church can bring hope in the midst of what seems like an almost hopeless situation politically.
This also applies to the message we received from the HIV and AIDS Conference, that the church can bring light and hope into this terrible pandemic.
I doubt that there are many churches in the UK who would have had such a frank discussion as we had on Sunday evening. I felt you asked all the questions that others may have been too embarrassed to ask.
I had to repent of my lack of compassion particularly when I worked as a midwife. Perhaps we are all too quick to judge anything that may have associations with sexual sin but Jesus would say that "Whoever is without sin let him cast the first stone. It is all about God's grace that we are not judged for our own sins and that God's wonderful forgiveness extends to all.
Please continue to keep us updated, and thanks for giving us an opportunity to give financial support to Patricia!

Anonymous said...

Thought I would say I thought Patricia was amazing on Sunday. Her strength to be able to stand infront of people and not know their reaction to her condition can only be God-sent. It meant a lot to me, I found out on Saturday evening that a family friend who I had not seen for a few years had died of AIDS a week ago. It was a huge shock to everyone. Not even his mother knew his condition. The stamina around HIV/AIDS is still strong and our friend died alone ashamed of his condition. He had told no-one. Its too sad and someone needs to do something to prevent people dying so alone and scared.


Sandra said...

I too thought Patricia was fantastic on Sunday and was deeply moved by her recounting the story of her and her family being completely rejected by the church. I pray we will not be a church like that and hope that what God has begun through us in Bracknell will continue and grow into something remarkable.

On the subject of watching more tv for those interested J John is on the God channel this week in the afternoons and evenings doing a series on the 10 commandments. He is his usual brilliant entertaining self.

Unknown said...

Hi Simon,

Along with so many others, Jeff and I were incredibly moved by Patricia's 'story' on Sunday. Jeff made it to the Conference on Saturday and I know that this too was an eye-opener for him. Listening to Patricia, we were made aware of something that we are all too often shut away from in our comfortable, middle-class, British lives. She made it so real and we are excited and inspired to see how we can get involved in this fight particularly against the stigma of HIV/Aids and help those who are suffering....