Friday, April 18, 2008

Ken and Ann Bothamley on Tour

I wanted to let you know that Ken Bothamley (one of our elders) and his wife Ann are currently one week into a four week stay in a place called Elbasan in Albania. Ken has always had a heart for the nations and in the last year or so has been developing contacts with a number of churches in Albania. Ken now feels that to take this further he needs to spend an extended period of time out there to get 'beneath the surface' in the churches. This is in order to be able to really help them with his vast pool of experience from being part of the paid Kerith staff and before that working in various drug rehabilitation centres. To that end Ken and Ann have rented a flat in Elbasan where they will be staying for the month they are out there.

Rather than doing a blog Ken has set up an internet photo album which he's going to update regularly with new photos - have a look as it will give you a really good idea of where they are working and the people they are working with. Why not do the following to support them:
  1. Bookmark the page so you can regularly check for updates
  2. Leave comments against any of the photos so they know you've been there
  3. Pray for Ken and Ann

There's something very biblical about doing this sort of input by actually going and living amongst the people you are trying to help, rather than just jetting in and a couple of days later jetting out again. That certainly seems to be how the Apostle Paul did it, so Ken and Ann are in good company!

Hope you have a great weekend and that you can make it on Sunday for the final part of The Pursuit of Happiness in the morning and Colin Boyle preaching and the youth band leading worship in the evening.



Anonymous said...

this is great a great idea for keeping up to date with ken and you need to persuade ben and mo to do something like a blog or photos..

it not only keeps us fresh with what they are involved in...but acts as a prayer reminder,,
irene m

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Sunday meetings in general were very impacting I was not aware that we are blessed with so many talented people in our church not just in the ways we see but in others as well. I was totally unaware that colin was able to preach which made a refreshing change.

Lee and lindas story was a very honest and emotional one on sunday morning at Rachels thanksgiving we are very blessed to have people that open and honest in our church