Saturday, April 5, 2008

Two Breakfasts and an Email

Today started at 8am with a Hope08 core team prayer meeting hosted by "The Church @ the Pines" who are now on board as one of the Hope08 partner churches which is great.

Then left that in time to get to the Kerith Men's breakfast with Steve Legg speaking. We've now decided to call the men's ministry United which has a nice sort of symmetry with Unique for the women and is also a good blokey sort of word! All associations with football teams are to be avoided. We also announced details of the Men's day with Gordon MacDonald on the 10th May, if you're a man reading this get your ticket soon as places will be limited. Steve Legg was a very interesting speaker. He's a magician, comedian and escapologist, all of which he uses to preach the gospel. He also edits a very credible magazine for men "Sorted" and a newspaper called "The Son".

Finally the email. I got an update from Edward Buria in Kenya this morning. I'll just copy it here in its entirety so you can get a feel for what is going on in Kenya. Please use this as a springboard for praying for Edward and all our Kenyan friends.



Hi Simon

Thank you so much for all your prayers,love and continued support which is highly appreciated.Such prayers have kept us going through the most difficult times in the history of our Nation.Have never witnessed such suffering and hopelessness in my entire life like what have seen in the last 3 months.

We all the same remain so grateful that at least we have had a sustained peace for the last 6 weeks or so after the signing of the the all important document on the 28th February 2008 between the two Principals' i e President Mwai Kibaki and Prime-Minister designate Hon. Raila Odinga.Our prayers remain that they will honour the commitment of coming up with a government of national coalition.The following is how I see things:-


Although we remain grateful to the fact that the leaders have agreed to work together making the country to have a relative and sustained peace, the challenges we face as a result of the violence, i.e. IDPs, general damage to the infrastructure and the many that have been traumatised because of loosing their loved ones, being raped, sustaining injuries remains enormous and very complex. These realities have made us to move from place to place with peace crusades, dedicating our TV programmes to preaching messages that have had great impact on the entire country, also playing a major role behind the scenes talking with our leaders showing them the importance of putting the interest of our nation ahead of their personal interests, and also with relief supplies. All these measures have yielded great and good results and we remain so grateful to God for giving us the courage, faith and most needed leadership that has given leadership to the nation in the midst of great confusion, tribal hatred and the like.


We have very good plans that are backed up by the initiative Mission Re-Build Kenya that targets around 3000 for the next six months with the following interventions among many:-


Unimix for children
Cooking Fat and Sugar


Clothes, blankets and Mosquito nets
PHC-Primary Health Care for around 1500 persons
Shelter-Temporary shelter, Makeshift and in a few cases mobile toilets.
Professional Services (e.g) Doctors, Psychologists, and community officers etc.
Most exciting is the (SMEs) kick off about 1700 small micro-enterprise ventures as a way to once again give the affected a livelihood rehabilitation.


Our television programmes remain the strongest voice God is using in bringing back the much needed healing and reconciliation to our Nation. Our plans remain maintaining these special programmes being aired throughout this year.I think this is where we will need your assistance Simon.The TV programmes are helping the entire country at the moment-we will appreciate the prayers from all of you at the Kerith Centre and financial assistance to keep these programmes on air.


Holding of gospel crusades in the affected areas, giving people an opportunity to encounter the prince of peace.


We will maintain our role of advising the politicians from the political divide, getting involved where requested by the government e.g. formation of truth, justice and reconciliation commission, best methods of assisting the displaced and both formal and informal sittings with the authorities.

Above everything else we have been able to create prayer chains across all our churches who are praying on certain points guided by us as we monitor the situation. We feel so encouraged as we see our contributions towards the effects of the post election violence yielding good fruits. It is in such moments like now when the big picture of why God brought me into the Kingdom becomes more clearer. Reading the book of Esther especially Chapter 4 and 14 b, has ministered to my heart a great deal. Wendy's(Terry's Wife) email dated 27th February, 2008 and especially the statement that reads "Truly you came to the kingdom for such a time as this! You are ambassadors of the King of Kings" meant so much to me. I have also treasured allot the many emails,smses,calls with prophetic words,words of encouragement etc.

The other area of great need is that of assisting those with HIV/AIDS,this scourge has just started to take its toll on our people-especially those displaced persons who had to run away from their homes therefore breaking down the discipline and pattern of treatment and follow up.All over sudden we are hearing of new cases of infections, which is very sad,in this connection we would appreciate any help that could help our teams that are reaching out with assistance to the affected.

Give our love to your family and the saints at Bracknell Family Church.We have been praying for you a lot, hope all going well with you and your leadership.

God bless and continue to give you great success in every way.

Your brother,


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