Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hot off the Press

Two pieces of news which have just come into my inbox.

First of all we've now completed the registration of Kerith Community Church with Companies House. That means we can now proceed with the application for charity registration. That may not sound much but behind the scenes a huge amount of work has gone on to get us to this point. Clive Challis is the primary unsung hero who has been putting in hours and hours of work to keep the process of the church name change on track - I'm so grateful for all that he's done and is doing.

Secondly the premises licence application to allow us to use the land in front of South Hill Park for Hope in the Park which is part of our Hope08 events has now been submitted. This time it's Ruth Buxton who has put in hours of work both filling in forms and talking to council and other representatives to make sure as many issues as possible have been dealt with prior to the application going in - well done Ruth.

So much of church life does go on behind the scenes - let's always be very thankful for people with gifts of administration and wisdom who are able to make all of these essential but unseen things happen which allow the rest of us to do what we do.


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