Friday, May 30, 2008

Kerith Community Church Logo Competition

Those with good memories will remember that earlier this year we kicked off a competition to design a logo for Kerith Community Church. Well when we came to look at all the entries there were three we really liked, so we thought we'd ask all of you which one you like best. The official vote is taking place at church last Sunday and this coming Sunday so that people without internet access get a chance to vote too. However, I thought I'd post the winning designs here so that you can have a chance to look at them online. For each design we've shown it as a straight logo then as a vertical flag of the style which is very "in" at the moment.

We'll announce the winner at the Church Vision Night on the evening of the 8th June. Once we have a winner we'll do a bit more work on the winning design so it may change slightly from what you see here.
I might try and add some voting buttons to the site, although if I do the church based side will remain the official one. Feel free to leave comments on the designs here though.

Logo Design 1

Logo Design 2

Logo Design 3

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Definitely No 1! No 2 is too muddly and not easily deciphered and No 3 is too heavy and plain. No 1 logo would look best on the T shirts as it has more style.