Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Photo's From Ken and Ann

Ken and Ann have posted some more photos on their online album - I particularly like the one of Ken as a clown!

Gordon and Gail MacDonald were successfully met at the airport on Tuesday night - Jonathan Davies came to keep me company on the journey which was very much appreciated. We had a fantastic day today with Gordon and Gail with the staff - I'm really looking forward to the Men's Day tomorrow and then Gordon and Gail speaking morning and evening at our Sunday gatherings. Don't miss it.

Some of you will know that last Summer I walked Hadrian's Wall with my son Zak, which was fantastic on so many different levels. Well I've got two more walks coming up. First of all I'm taking my other son Jacob to climb Snowdon in the next half term. It seems wrong somehow to climb a mountain with a restaurant on the top but there you go! Then on the 21st June Zak and I are going to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks walks to raise money for Christians Against Poverty. It takes in the three highest hills in Yorkshire and involves walking 26 miles in under 12 hours . I think a number of other people from our community are going to do it as well so why not take a look and see if it might be for you.

I mentioned in my last blog that this was going to be a really busy few days for me - well I'm doing well so far at taking breaks and have felt really energised by the week so far rather than getting tired which is great - thanks to everyone who has been praying for me.

I'm loving this weather - long may it continue! Hope to catch you over the weekend.


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