Friday, May 16, 2008

Prayer and Fasting

BenD and I had a great time together at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting. After a week of Gordon and Gail MacDonald being with us, which was fantastic but very tiring, it was a real privilege to have time away to pray, enjoy the presence of God, reflect on what God has been doing with us and hear about some of what God is doing outside of Bracknell. I'm also developing a growing network of friends within Newfrontiers which I'm finding really helpful and encouraging.

Terry Virgo very helpfully commented on what is being called the Lakewood Revival which has recently been heavily featured on God TV. Not having God TV (we're a freeview only household - much to our children's disappointment!) I hadn't seen any of it, although a number of people had mentioned it to me. Some of the guys at Prayer and Fasting had actually been to Florida so hearing their experience combined with Terry's wisdom was very helpful in terms of putting the whole thing in context. I don't really want to comment on it on the blog before I've had a chance to talk about it on a Sunday, but I'll write some thoughts here after Sunday evening when I'll say some stuff after Pete Moon has preached.

Sunday morning we're going to finish the "All You Need is Love - Love in a Broken World" series with Catrina and I answering peoples questions. We've got some really good ones so it should be a good morning - it's not too late to send in any extra questions you may have though.

Hope you're having a great week whatever you've been up to.


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