Friday, May 30, 2008

You ARE the Light of the World

Well God was with us again this Sunday. Inspiring times of worship both morning and evening, salvations in the children's work in the morning and amongst adults in the evening and an excellent response to the preach from Sola on Sunday evening.

My encouragement for you this week is from Sunday morning to realise that "You ARE the light of the world". It isn't something you need to try to be, or hope to be, but because of Christ being in you through being born again it is what you ARE. The question is not are you the light of the world but are you willing to take the bowl off that light and let people "see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven". What Sola preached Sunday night fitted in so well with that - catch it on the podcast as soon as it's uploaded.

I thought I'd highlight a couple of people in our community who are out there being salt and light.

First of all Ben Pocock. Ben has grown up in the church, and for years has had a passion to work in radio. For the past week he's been living out his dream doing Jewel FM every weekday morning from 7-10am. Apparently you can pick it up in Bracknell, on 87.9 FM although it's actually broadcasting from Maidenhead as part of the Maidenhead Carnival. Talking to Ben tonight he was saying that the feedback has been so positive that they are trying to get Jewel FM to continue after the 11th June. The next Chris Moyles is in our midst!

Secondly a newer member of our community, Aham Igobkwe. Aham has just been chosen to be a magistrate in the local area and is about to start three months of training before starting to serve - read all about it in this article in the Bracknell News.

I know that I could have highlighted many people involved in our wider community. School teachers, teaching assistants, doctors, nurses, school governors, people serving on boards of charities, carers, police officers, people working with the homeless, child minders, shop workers and people involved in a host of other ways. As well as all of out there as students, working in offices, meeting neighbours or seeing people at the school gate. Wherever you are take those opportunities to take the bowl off your light this week!
Hope you have a great week,


michael said...

Hi Simon

I just wanted to say that Sunday left me in a state of total exilharation.
the morning's worship was rousing, your sermon on letting our light out was thought provoking and Sola's passionate delivery on the living water rounded off the day perfectly. I was hanging on every word all day and i woke this morning breathing new life and somehow feeling different, better, positive and inspired.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Simon, what a message. I was excited and challanged in such a fresh way by your sermon sundy morning, I believe the impact of those words will grow in the coming weeks - true preeching into our lives, not our sundays. Lets all keep encourgaging each other to meditate on this stuff through the week and live it out in the simple day to day. I love this family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you simon for the message on sunday. Bracknell family church is a very calming place to come to even if you are not in a good place in your own mind. that is down to you and the leadership team. it is like a extended family that aome may not have

regards karmenie