Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bring Your Pastor to Work Day

Having just about recovered from the Three Peaks Walk I was up at 5:20 this morning, not for the weekly elders meeting but to spend a morning with Sam Fairs-Billam. Sam works for a charity called Spear which works with homeless people in Richmond, and on Thursday mornings he goes out visiting clients who are living rough. He then tries to link them into the various housing and other support agency options which are available to them, with quite a bit of success, although as we know from working with these kinds of people its often a turbulent journey with lots of setbacks.
When Sam and his wife Hannah first came to the church he wasn't a Christ follower but through doing The Marriage Course and then Alpha he took that step and he and Hannah now lead our Embrace ministry, which reaches out to needy people in our wider community. It's at an early stage but seems to be going well so far. Sam and Hannah also have a gorgeous new daughter Isla who joins the growing club of cute babies you see on Sunday mornings - baby creche must be exploding!.
So a great morning so far - and Sam even bought me a Starbucks latte at the end of it all - heaven!
I'm on the train back to church now. If anyone else fancies a Bring Your Pastor to Work Day event in your workplace just let me know!
Have a great day.


michael said...

Wow - 5.20.
You have obviously been blessed with great energy as the daily life of a senior pastor seems to be a roller coaster of activity from one end to the other. Does it end with the battle of the bands tonight?
Another great story of someone whose life has been changed by Christ and now doing great work- I always enjoy hearing/reading these.
By the way - have you tried vanilla latte?

Simon Benham said...

No I've never tried a vanilla latte - if you want to buy me one I'd be willing to give it a go though :-)