Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hope08 Taster Event - Early Feedback

This morning was our Hope08 Taster Event - a chance for people to get idea of what it will be like to be involved in one of the Hope08 Social Action events in August, and for us to learn about how to better organise and lead these projects. We started with a great turnout for bacon butties in K2 (I meant to count but reckon there was somewhere between 80 and 100 of us there) and then headed off to various projects, three groups doing gardens, one doing a house improvement project, one doing litter picking and the remaining people leafleting Great Hollands. My Lifegroup joined with another to do the garden of a couple who have recently got involved in our church community. With children there were about 25 of us and my first thought was "there are far too many of us for what needs to be done", but that was before we saw the state of the garden!
Hopefully the before and after photos give you a feel for what we achieved, we did do the front garden as well which was just as deep in grass! I think I can speak for all of us that we had a great time doing it, even if it was quite hard work. For me it was also a great chance to get to know some people I hadn't managed to spend much time with before much better. So all in all a success. I look forward to hearing about the other projects tomorrow morning.
If you're going to be in Bracknell at the end of August please sign up for some of the Social Action projects which will be taking place, and for the Saturday Fun Day in the field in front of South Hill Park. Registration forms are available from The Kerith Centre reception and all good bookshops.
Hope to catch you tomorrow, especially in the evening where we've got some very exciting things to share at the Church Vision Night. Hope to catch you there.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! What a transformation! I was on the 'moving a mountain' project. We made huge progress, but there's still plenty to do(about half of the mountain!!). We all had so much fun, it looks like we may be going back next week!! It's great to let your light out!!

Simon Benham said...

Glad to hear you had fun too!