Monday, June 16, 2008

What if His People Prayed

First of congratulations to all the winning Dads in our "Wii Love Dads" guest meeting on Sunday morning. I don't think there were many dry eyes as Amy talked about her Dad Dick - catch it in the middle of the sermon here. Zoe was also excellent on Sunday evening - that should be up on the website soon too. Just to comment on what a difference it made to the feel of the end of the meeting having groups of people playing on all the Wii's. Perhaps we should do that every week :-)

I'm not sure how many of you will have heard of an American band called Casting Crowns. I was introduced to them about a year ago and find their stuff both good to listen to and very challenging.

As an inspiration to come to this weeks prayer meetings (Wednesday and Thursday this week from 8pm in K2) take a look at this video of one of their songs:

I've felt God has been talking to me recently about making prayer a higher priority both personally and for us as a community. To that extent I've changed the Tuesday morning staff ministry meeting, and the Thursday morning Elders meeting into prayer meetings. Some of the prayers we've already seen answered have been for a year team next year (two people signed up and still praying for more), salvations every week over the past few weeks, God opening doors with our local HIV/AIDS response and an increasing expectation for God to speak to us prophetically as we seek him. So please make it a priority this week to get to the prayer meetings. As Hudson Taylor said "It is possible to move men, through God, by prayer alone." So come and join with us in asking God to move men (and women and children).

Hope you have a great week, and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday or Thursday!



michael said...

HI Simon
a great morning i felt, in celebration of dads. It was a morning of fun but also deeply meaningful and thought provoking. It gets your life into perspective of our joint roles of father, breadwinner and man and how to get that fine balance which is not always easy.
I thought the DK and TK presentation was brilliant.
Congratulations to all the dads who won.
Being new, I have never met Burt. A legend. And what a great smile.
I was really touched by the Senior Pastor's award section. I think Dick is a very brave and strong man and made me realise again the power of worship. And what a brilliant and supportive daughter.
Wii love dads - Wii love kerith.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was crying! What an inspiration Dick and Amy were. I also thought Tom and Duncan were brilliant. I really enjoyed listening to Zoe and found it very encouraging.


Anonymous said...

Casting Crowns are great! Mercy Me are my favourite band, listen to them too!