Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back in Brighton

Well after a very brief return to Bracknell to see Zak in his play (which was excellent) it's been another good day at the conference. All of the sessions are going to be on the Newfrontiers website for download in a couple of days, so I'll post a link to that as soon as they're available so you can hear them too.

Mark Driscoll was the highlight again for me today, talking about how we stop movements from turning into museums, but keep them fresh and alive. He particularly spoke into the issue of succession and on maintaining the balance between honouring the founder and honouring the future. That's an issue very dear to my heart as I seek personally to honour Ben as the father of our church but also seek to be totally committed to our future. It's great being here with Ben as lots of people told him last year that it would never work with me taking over and him staying in the church. So far at least I think we've managed to show that it can work, not only for the two of us but for the church as well - for which I thank God more than you can imagine!

One more seminar in the morning and then Ben and I are travelling back to get ready for Musa Njoko at 7.15 on Friday night at The Kerith Centre - should be a great evening of music and hearing her amazing story. It's free to get in so just turn up - hope to see you there.


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