Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Final Night Fire

I have to admit to being something of a pyromaniac, so nothing could be better than being asked to light the closing night camp fire. I did consider rubbing two sticks together but half a can of petrol and a match was far more dramatic!
Today has been superb. Great activities, beautiful weather and 40 very happy but pretty tired children. Tonight Lee did an appeal and a number of children stood to make first time commitments - not just emotional responses or peer pressure but genuine decisions to follow Christ - very moving. Any concerned parents can rest assured that their children are having a great time - and being very well behaved. It was the youth I had to get up for in the middle of the night last night to tell them to be quiet!
Having said all that I'm looking forward to my bed tomorrow night. Then Matt and Hanna's wedding on Saturday (what a great celebration that is going to be) and church on Sunday with a not to be missed Rob Bell DVD on Sunday evening. Can't wait.

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