Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Graham Love

Those of you who have been in Bracknell for a while may well remember Graham and Helen Love who were with us for a number of years, lead a Housegroup and were hugely missed when they and their wonderful children moved up to Edinburgh to be part of a church plant there.

Well recently Graham found out that he has Colon Cancer. I spoke with Graham last Friday and he was in incredibly good spirits, despite all that's gone on so far this year. Graham has started a blog to keep people updated on what is happening so why not take a look, add a comment and pray for Graham, Helen, their children and for his complete healing. If you've ever met Graham then you'll just hear his wry sense of humour, honesty and deep rooted faith in God, speaking through all he has written.

Hope you're having a great week - keep on letting your light shine!


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