Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Greetings From Oakwood

I've turned into a childrens worker for four days as I'm helping at our Oakwood Kids Camp with fourty 8 to 11 year olds. Apart from the sleep deprivation and the lack of anything other than instant coffee we're having a great time! Karen Mehta who is leading is doing magnificently, Lorraine Wade who is in charge of the food is everyones favourite person, I'm so proud of Lee and our youth who are leading groups, running activities, leading the worship and serving everywhere and the children all seem to be having fun.
Next Tuesday Catrina and I along with Ben and Mo Davies and Craig Mills head off to Chicago for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit (I'll Blog regularly from there to give you a taste of what we can expect when it comes to Bracknell in October), then as a family we've got two weeks in France coming straight back for Hope08 - what ever happened to restful summer holidays!
Hope you're having fun whatever you're doing. Think of me in my tent for the next two nights!


Anonymous said...

rather you than me when it comes to kids and camps....

i am well past that stage in life...been there...done that...got the tee shirt and video and have no desire to press "replay"

but good to hear you are getting stuck in...when are you going to wear one of those lovely yellow jackets and do a stint on car parking eh??!!!

i am so envious of you guys going to willow creek...chris and i covet a trip there at some point...oops thats two sins i need to repent from now!!!!

hope weather stays good for the rest of oakwood...see you at weekend
irene m

Anonymous said...

Well done for helping at Oakwood, you deserve a medal! (and all the other wonderful people who are helping).

I hope my daughter is behaving herself and not the culprit who is keeping you up at night - it has been known! It's her first time at Oakwood as one who has only just turned 8 - hope she is having a good time, I'm really missing her!

Brilliant weather for it - enjoy the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that you're there, serving and leading by example - as always! Very proud (in a good way!!) to have you as mt Pastor. You're an inspiration. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

from what you wrote on your blog it sounds very much like the youth band took worship time to another level.and a lot of fun has been had by everyone even though children and leaders are most likely very tired. God has been with you from the start because he kept all of you safe and most of the time dry. Good to hear you got stuck in simon

regards karmenie