Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

This week BenD and I are in Brighton for the Newfrontiers Leaders conference. The main non Newfrontiers speaker is a guy called Mark Driscoll from Seattle in the States, who some of you may have heard of. He spoke this afternoon on Jesus being full of the Holy Spirit and how if we are to live the life Christ calls us to we too need to be filled with the Spirit. Very good stuff. I'll try and post updates on other highlights as the week goes on.
I was really excited by the weekend just gone. We baptised 3 people in the morning and 10 in the evening and the stories were just so moving, and spoke of the impact we have when we are peach like. Let's pray for at least another 25 people to be baptised in November which would take the total for the year to over 70. That's 70 lives changed by God's power. Cool.
Next Sunday is our final week on sex. I've already got a load of questions to answer but if you have any more then send them to the office, or if you're feeling brave post them here. After that we're off to Oakwood for the picnic which should make for interesting discussions over the sandwiches! Please come if you possibly can as it will be good fun for everyone.
Finally please be prioritising the week of prayer and fasting starting next Monday. The observant will have noticed the information sheet in the bulletin had the wrong dates on it - rest assured that it does run from Monday to Saturday morning with bacon butties and croissants to finish.
Think of Ben and me as we build our sandcastles tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Simon, if your going to build castles, then you better either take your own sand or otherwise some cement for those big Brighton pebbles.