Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Hillsong Album - This is Our God

I just wanted to commend the new Hillsong album "This is Our God" to you. I've been listening to it since the weekend and am really enjoying it. Many of you know the story of how a few years back God engineered circumstances to get our family to Hillsong church in Sydney and how once there God spoke to us so powerfully about our future, which in great part is responsible for me leading the church today.

If you were at the prayer meeting on I think it was Wednesday night last week you'll have heard Clive Challis talk about the song "Healer" from the album, and how a video about the song had spoken so powerfully to him. I think this is the video Clive was referring to - it's very powerful so don't make the mistake I made of watching it in an office full of people - crying in a public with headphones on can be so embarrassing!

You can get the album from the Kerith bookshop - be assured that I'm not on commission - I just want you to be blessed!


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Alli Inwards said...

Hi Simon,

There's loads of stuff about the new Hillsong album on YouTube, which I found after listening to the 'Healer' story/song - how powerful to see someone singing I trust in you while wearing oxygen! Then I found the 'Desert Song' story. Equally powerful. Here's the link ...