Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Twenty Four Hours of Prayer

I have to admit that I find fasting really hard! I love food, and I love the whole social interaction of eating and spending time with people. We've got a chocolate machine at BlueArc (the company I work for on the days I don't work for the church) which is subsidised - all the chocolate bars and the crisps are just 20p. I swear it's been talking to me all day today tempting me to buy multiple Mars bars!

Anyway, I do find fasting very helpful in sharpening my spiritual appetite for God, and causing me to ask how serious I really am about wanting God to break in. The more we've gone on this week the more I've found my hunger for God growing and my desire to see Him impact us in a major way getting bigger and bigger. For those not there last night amongst other things we had a great time praying for a couple who lead a church in Albania - it felt good to be a house of prayer for at least one other nation. There is a mystery in prayer but it's an absolute key in us seeing God do all the things we long for.

I thought I'd post here a list of the times, topics and leaders for each of the one hour slots in the 24 hours of prayer. I'm not expecting anyone to be there for the whole 24 hours, but I would encourage everyone to make at least a couple of hours, so please take a look and choose the slots for you. Especially think of coming to those less popular slots during the day or at meal times to encourage the leaders of those. If you're not physically in Bracknell then why not decide to pray with us in one of the slots wherever you are - God hears!

Hope to catch you at the prayer meeting tonight, tomorrow night when we join with other churches to pray for Hope08, or in the 24 hours of prayer (which we'll finish with croissants and bacon butties!).




Anonymous said...

I wonder if I can suggest introducing some daily structure/guidance in future episodes of our ‘Prayer & Fasting week’ events in the Church. My experiences being that it gives cohesive direction to the body of participants on prayer & fasting exercises. Such ‘structure/guidance’ could be in daily chunks of suggested Bible verses/readings that are tied in/up to one or more prayer-themes/points per day of the week of prayer & fasting.

For example; the prayer-themes/points would be distilled from the DREAMS of the Senior Pastor/Church Leadership and apportioned over the various days of the prayer & fasting week together with (relevant) Bible verses/readings that underpins these dreams (aka; visions, programmes, events, challenges, hopes, goals etc). Such an approach/strategy, in my experience, makes for nearly every one being instep, in focus, and daring-to-go (in the spirit) on each day as we congregate in the evenings to indeed pray! Hopefully as we take practical discerning measures... our prayer thrust and stamina will grow and we shall be perceivably a church of His Presence!

Anonymous said...

As well as some food fasting this week I decided to 'fast' from a couple of time wasting activities ie pointless tv progs and all sudoku/crossword puzzles! I used the spare time to read Rachel Hickson's new book SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH (not quite finished it but nearly). It does what it says in the title!

Buy it/borrow it/read it!

Page after page felt like Rachel was speaking straight into my life about what God is doing. I feel so much enlightenment after a bit of a wilderness time, it's been a really empowering week and I'm well excited. It's moving me on to the beginning of a whole new season.