Monday, July 14, 2008

A Week of Prayer and Fasting

Tonight we start our second week of Prayer and Fasting in 2008. We've got so much to thank God for, to bring to God in prayer and to listen to his prophetic voice on. As in previous weeks we'll be starting each evening without any specific agenda (except for Thursday night when we're joining with other churches in the town to pray for Hope08) but will begin each evening in worship and then see where God takes us. Then from 8am on Friday 'til 8am on Saturday we'll join for 24 hours of prayer, split into one hour slots with a specific topic and leader for each slot.

Please plan to come for as much as the week as you can. Come ready to worship, come ready to share what you sense God is saying to you and come ready to do the hard work of asking God to break in. Can I ask you to consider fasting as well. I'm planning on fasting the whole week and had a great time at lunchtime walking round the lake next to where I work, talking to God about tonight, and sharing some of what is going on in church with one of the guys I work with who I met half way round the lake! If you can fast the whole week then please do, but if not consider skipping at least one meal a day and using the time you free up to talk to God.

I'm still buzzing with much of what Mark Driscoll said at the Brighton Conference last week and felt God spoke into a number of areas where we need to accelerate our expansion plans. I'm really hoping God is going to speak into some of those this week.

During the last week of Prayer and Fasting we had some great problems with car parking - don't forget we've got the surgery as well as the K2 and Kerith Centre car parks all week with the addition of Avis on Thursday. If parking does get interesting then just thank God that we're struggling with issues like that and make sure you abandon your car somewhere legal!

Hope to see you several times this week!



Alli Inwards said...

Hiya Simon,

Thank you, thank you for leaving info about I visited this site this afternoon, having been feeling rather sorry for myself. Kids have been sick for the last week & I joined in at the weekend. Consequently, I missed my 5th Sunday meeting in a row (holiday & baby creche have also meant missing out). I searched for some Chris Tomlin stuff and 5 minutes later found myself joining in with the worship on my PC and really meeting with God. So much so, that I'm actually feeling a bit better and wondering if poorly (viral stuff I think) people can come to the prayer meetings too. So good to be reminded that life only works with God - I'd forgotton that a little in the last week or so - not so much in my head but in my heart. Anyways, for those of you who are wondering whether or not to go to the prayer meeting - stop debating with yourself and GO - why would you want to do yourself out of an opportunity to meet with HIM. For those of you who need a pick me up, forget the evening glass of whatever you may enjoy and search for some worship music that will focus your heart and mind on the One who 'KNOWS you the BEST and still LOVES you the MOST'!!! As I say to my kids "Hooray for JESUS!"

Simon Benham said...

Hi Alli,

Was great to have you at the prayer meeting last night - I especially enjoyed the couple of songs you started - keep going for it!