Monday, August 25, 2008

Back, Refreshed and Ready to Go

Back now in the land of technology after two glorious BlackBerry free weeks. We had a great time on holiday as a family, four days in Paris and then a week in Brittany and I feel more refreshed, connected with Catrina and the children and excited about the God adventure that we're all on than I have in a long time.

This morning was very exciting with the kick off of Hope08 - after over a year of praying and planning it's great to finally be doing something. I went to the breakfast and prayer time at Easthampstead Baptist this morning but haven't been involved in any projects today as too many people had signed up - I didn't think we'd be saying that a couple of months ago! There was a real buzz about the place so I hope the projects are going well today. I'm doing projects Tuesday and Thursday this week - hope to catch you at either one of those, or at Hope in the Park on Saturday or the joint churches meeting on Sunday. Let's be asking God for him to break in powerfully over the next week and for many lives to be changed.


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