Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ethos Winners @ RockNations

Whilst at Willow today I got a text from Lee who's with the youth at RockNations in Bradford to say that our youth band, Ethos, won the battle of the bands competition. Given the number of big youth groups there that's a major achievement - I'm so proud of them, and of our young people in general.

The picture was sent to me by Edward Olugbile - you may be able to spot some of our youngsters in it.

So much for quiet summers! We've already had the Oakwood childrens camp, kids respite, youth respite, RockNations and Willow. Still to come are Don Smith morning and evening on the 10th, and of course Hope08 at the end of August. Then hot off the press we've got Andrew White, all the way from Iraq on the evening of the 17th - definitely not to be missed!

But for now I'm just very proud of our young people.

Hope you're having a good summer.


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