Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hope Tuesday

I spent most of today in Westmorland Park in Warfield with a big team repainting the playground equipment. We had an absolute blast, although I think it will take weeks for all the paint to come off my daughter Alice - I'm sure she had more paint on her than there was on the equipment by the end. It was really hard work but the final result was quite amazing. Take a look at these photos and see what you think.
There's been very good feedback from other projects too. Some inevitable teething problems and difficulties but the teams have just had a real 'can do' attitude. The weather is looking good for the weekend too so I think we're in for a great rest of the week to come.
I also approved the promotional booklet for our HIV and AIDS initiative today which is looking very good. If you're there when we launch the initiative on the morning of the 7th September with Lynne Hybels you'll get to see it then. I love it when planning turns into action.

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