Monday, August 4, 2008


Please pray for our youth this week as they go off on Wednesday to Rocknations in Bradford. For the past few years our youngsters have gone to the NewFrontiers organised NewDay event, but Lee (our Youth Pastor) felt that they'd grown too comfortable with the format of NewDay and were more excited about the social aspects of the week and the dodge ball competition than meeting with God, so he wanted to do something different this year to challenge them in a fresh way. Speakers include Reinhard Bonnke so they should be in for a great time. They're also going to be staying in a hotel rather than camping - for some strange reason Lee's found it much easier to find adults helpers this year than in previous years!

I thought we had another great Sunday. Tim Felgate left a comment with details on how you can listen to what I had to say on Radio Berkshire on Sunday morning (I can never bear to listen to my own voice, but feel free to listen if you want to), I've had good feedback on my Sunday morning preach on "Reopening the Wells" and people seemed to enjoy the Rob Bell DVD. Loads of visitors on Sunday too which is always encouraging.

Off to sunny Chicago tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Another really good nooma DVD is his one called "Noise" and also "Luggage". They can both be found on but the luggage one is only a preview. Either way lee has both which he may let you borrow if you ask nicely =D

Rob Bell is an amazing speaker. He can put what hes saying across to anyone, he's so engaging. Maybe you can persuade him to come and preach one sunday.

Keep up the good work Simon

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time at the Summit! We'll keep you all in our prayers.

(Unfortunately Chicago is not sunny at the moment - thunderstorms and tornado watches!)

Anonymous said...

I thought the Rob Bell dvd was excellent, however it was a bit too long and took too much concentration for me so I lost the plot about half way through! Can we have it on the website to watch again.


Anonymous said...

Rob Bell is like the Ross Noble of Christian talks. Fabulous! In addition to the talk being briliant, how did he do that thing of writing one point on the board while saying something about another point??