Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Blog For Two Weeks

I'm writing this in the passport control queue at Heathrow, having just landed back from Chicago. The lights of London are a beautiful sight in the dark.

Our final full day in Chicago was excellent. In the morning we chose the DVDs to be shown at our version of the Summit (you won't be disappointed). Then on Saturday evening we went to the church service at Willow. Henry Cloud who some of you may remember from past Summits spoke and was very good preaching on grace. At the end we got to meet the Hybels family. Ben and Mo caught up with Bill Hybels. Catrina got to meet his daughter Shauna who has written a book called Cold Tangerines which is all about enjoying the little things in life and I'm told is very good. And I managed to talk to Bill's wife Lynne all about her visit to us on the 7th September which was very helpful - I'm so excited she can be there that morning as we launch our Zambia HIV/AIDS initiative.

We're now off on holiday for two weeks, leaving far too early tomorrow morning! I'm going to leave my BlackBerry at home (I'm feeling the withdrawl symptoms already) so no blogs for two weeks. A technology free two weeks will do me a lot of good!

Hope you're having a great summer and catch you all when I get back.


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