Saturday, August 2, 2008

Radio Berkshire

Just a quickie to say that I'm speaking on Radio Berkshire tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 8am on the Clare Catford show. It's only a 20 minute slot, but even that is scary enough!

Off to Matt and Hana's wedding in a couple of hours, which will be much less scary. Hopefully the drizzle will stop and the sun will come out before it all kicks off a 1.

Hope to catch you tomorrow if you're around in Bracknell. I particularly recommend the Rob Bell DVD we're showing in the evening - I've already seen it but am looking forward to seeing it again.



Tim Felgate said...

You can here the Radio Berkshire interview by visiting and selecting the "Listen Again" and then selecting Clare Catford and fast forwarding to just over 2 hours in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know that Tim had added the link. It was really great to hear you in action in a different context. I thought that you were very clear and sensitive in all that you said. Having had to miss the funeral, it was good to hear just a snippet of what happened there.

By the way, you let Clare introduce you as being from Bracknell Family Church. I thought that we were now Kerith Community Church!!