Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't Buy Me Love

With yesterdays news of the collapse of Lehman Brothers it seems very appropriate that we started our six week money series only the day before. You can listen to the podcast here if you missed it.

As part of Sunday I recommended a couple of books which I thought would help people in their understanding of God and how we can feel confident letting him into every area of our lives.

The first book was "What's So Amazing About Grace?" by Philip Yancey. When I first read it a few years ago now it was genuinely life changing in terms of my understanding of the nature of God and the nature of grace. I reckon it should be compulsory reading for anyone calling themselves a follower of Christ.

The second book is one that I bought last Friday and finished on Sunday afternoon. It's called "The Shack" and although told through the story of a family tragedy is really about how we relate to God and He relates to us. I did enjoy it, and would encourage people to read it, but would have a caution that we need to take the view of God it presents and make sure we test it against what God has revealed to us through scripture. Not that I necessarily think that any of what is has to say is wrong, but that we need to be mature enough to take all things that come to us, whether it's "The Shack", Harry Potter or the adverts on TV and let the Bible be our ultimate benchmark of truth. I'll say no more.

Whilst on the subject of books several people have pointed out to me that I haven't updated the list of books I've recently read on my blog since it first started. That isn't because I'm not reading anything but because I'm lazy! Just to let you know I'm currently reading a book on the nature of faith by the guy who headed up the Human Genome project, and who also happens to be a Christian. It's fascinating. I feel a series, or at least a sermon, on how we put together the whole Genesis creation story, evolution, Intelligent Design thing together in a way which keeps us true to scripture but also doesn't require us to leave our brains behind at the door. Anyone up for that?



Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned The Shack to me a couple of weeks ago, I'd never heard of it. Since then it seems everyone I speak to is talking about it! I must read it!


Alli Inwards said...

I enjoyed the Shack, though was a bit concerned that we could fall into a trap of making a doctorine of 'The Shack' rather than one that was based on the bible. I did really appreciate the book & have found it has given me a new way of seeing scriptural truth. I'm just relieved to read Simon's word of caution, as I feel much more relaxed and able to enjoy books like the Shack with this wisdom behind it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of creation, evolution, etc, just wondering what you, Simon, or indeed anyone else thinks about the belated apology from the Church of England to Charles Darwin. Personally, while I still struggle with a lot of what he said, I also am aware of too much being made of issues that take us off track of what is important. The fact is we are here now, and instead of arguing how we got here, we need to focus on what we are going to do about it. It would be good to hear a sermon about all this.


Alli Inwards said...

Ooops - forgot to say I'd love to hear a series on evolution/intelligent design, etc.