Thursday, September 18, 2008

Even Stronger

A great day so far, and we've still got the evening celebration to come! Lots of very good speakers but for me the highlight so far has been Paul Scanlon speaking on legacy, and how every generation needs to recognise that it builds on the legacy of the previous generation whilst still building for the future. Great to be sitting next to Ben as we reflected on how we're trying to model succession.
This morning was seminars. Colin went to a media seminar and came out very encouraged with how far we've come and excited about some of the future developments we're planning such as video notices. Lee was doing some post RockNations networking and there are some exciting tie ups there in the offing for Ethos, our youth and our wider church. Others went to seminars on kids work, working with the poor and a bunch of other issues. All very exciting.
It's also great to hook up again with Ben Pocock who's just started at the leadership academy here - we just want him back when he's finished!
More tomorrow.

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