Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lynne Hybels in the UK

Lynne Hybels, wife of Bill, is in the UK this weekend and I'm going to have the privilege of hearing her twice.

First of all on Saturday she's speaking at the Tearfund "Who is my Neighbour" conference in Brent Cross, alongside Desmond Tutu. If you fancy coming along it's from 2.30pm to 7pm in Brent Cross - it's free to get in but you do need to register online. BenD and I are both going - should be great.

Then on Sunday morning she's going to be at The Kerith Centre for the launch of our HIV and AIDS initiative in Zambia. A morning not to be missed.

On Sunday night I'm going to be talk in more detail about what we're doing in Zambia, as well as commenting a bit further on what has happened with Todd Bentley and Michael Guglielmucci.

I should also mention that our very own Lisa Rutland was on Sky TV last night for an hour talking about Christians Against Poverty. It was on Revelation TV and apparently is going to be repeated, although I couldn't find any times for that, or any copies of it on the web. Perhaps someone could post dates and times or links if they find any. All who saw it have said that Lisa did really well - what a star.

And finally to say that Andrew White was interviewed by Michael Burke on Radio 4 tonight. I didn't hear it (we had an elders meeting), but this seems to be where the programme will be archived, although it isn't there yet.

Hope at least some of that interests you.

I'll be writing some comments on the amazing time we had at the weekend with Hope in the Park some time soon.


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