Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stronger and Stronger

Greetings from sunny Bradford - I'm here with a team at the Abundant Life Stronger leadership conference.
It's such a privilege to be able to come to these conferences, to be in meetings that I'm not leading (you can't imagine how releasing that is!) and to hear from God - especially in this phase we're in of digging some new wells and redigging some old ones. I'll try and post updates as the conference goes on.
I'm also praying right now for the Alpha courses starting tonight and tomorrow morning. Let's be asking for changed lives with everyone attending.


Sandra said...

Hi Simon glad to hear you're getting time to recieve and I pray you and the team hear from God. Keep digging those wells.

I've had to do some digging recently as a result of you challenging us to be real with one another I laid myself open and shared my feelings!! I was a wreck as I prepared to share at the recent Unique event, how being a mentor has grown me and unlocked something in me which has laid dorment for years (in fact has probably never surfaced before)

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster (and for those who know me know I don't do rollercaosters and much prefer spinny rides!!) However I know that God won't let me fall off! He has put amazing friends round me to give me pearls of wisdom and to pray with and for me.

Having someone to walk with you on your journey makes all the difference and I would encourage everyone not to become isolated and to be more open with one another. Although it can be a painful experience I know God hasn't finished with me yet, and I know He is doing an amazing thing in me.

Simon Benham said...

Hi Sandra,

I love your honesty - keep being real as it so allows others the chance to be real too.