Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bring Your Pastor to Work - Day 2

Blog veterans may remember me spending a day at work with Sam Fairs-Billam and seeing his work with the homeless. Well today I've come to Bracknell Leisure Centre with Ed Campbell who works there for "The Well-Being & Leisure Team". This team helps people with learning disabilities to make use of all the mainstream leisure facilities in Bracknell. They get to do everything from swimming and badminton to snooker and golf. I got to take part in a fitness session to music on exercise bikes (I kid you not) and a dancing keep fit class! My cycling was considerably better than my dancing.
It was so cool to see the great stuff Ed is doing, and the passion he does it with. A number of the people in the two classes I went to also go to Hilltop, our church group for adults with learning disabilities, and it was really good to see them too. Their dancing was much better than mine!
If anyone else fancies having me visit their work just let me know!


Anonymous said...

ed...looks proper fed up in photo.!!! about a day spent with childminders then???
you can come with us to toddlers...have lunch at the mad house...visit the animals...change nappies and wipe yoghurt of faces...

irene m

Simon Benham said...

I'll have a think about that one :-)