Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creating Headroom - Going Deeper

The concept of having 'headroom' in our lives seems to have provoked quite a bit of discussion, and in particular caused people to ask how we create headroom, not only in our finances but in other areas of our lives such as in our busy, busy schedules. Catrina has even taking to send me texts with the single word "Headroom" in them, encouraging me to stop what I'm doing and relax! We're going to spend the next Church Vision Night (12th October - 6pm for coffee and cakes) looking at "Creating Headroom" in church life in 2009, as well as talking about our Christmas plans - don't miss it!

Anyway, Alan Lander (one of our elders) sent me a link to some great guides on creating financial headroom in our lives from a Christian organization called Credit Action. The man behind Credit Action is Keith Tondeur who is highly respected in money circles and his views are often sought by Government. I've used some of his books in preparing some of the current money series - they're very good and are available at our bookshop. Anyway, on the Credit Action website there are some very readable and practical money help guides in their 'Better Money Management' series including specific guides for single parents, students and a helpful one on pocket money.

I'd also highly recommend the CAP money course which is transforming how Catrina and I are making headroom in our finances. We've never been great at budgeting - if you're the same then book yourself in for the next course which starts on Tuesday 14th October.

Off in a bit to see the Lithuanians who are apparently now in the UK and on their way to sunny Bracknell!


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Anonymous said...

Havent been to church for weeks. But thought I would let you know that I am totally enjoying reading The Shack. Its a blessing in so many ways. Thanks for recommending it. I hope all get to read it. Its beautiful.