Friday, October 24, 2008

Gabriel from Nigeria

Those who made it to the Willow GLS (Global Leadership Summit) will remember a guy called Gabriel from Nigeria. I got him on the platform when we talked about the offering to allow GLS's to run in countries, like Nigeria, which wouldn't be able to afford to fund them simply from the registration fees as we do in the UK. Gabriel's GLS was being funded by a church in Cincinnati in the US, and Kent, one of the pastors from the church in Cincinnati, had come over with Gabriel to see how we ran it all.

Well we just got an email from Gabriel to let us know how it all went, which I've included below.

Talking of the Summit this Sunday night we're showing the talk a lady called Catherine Rohr did at there this year. I've now seen it once live and four times on DVD and can't wait to see it again - it's that powerful. Get there to see it if you possibly can! Also don't forget the second week of the Serenje offering this weekend.

As Catherine Rohr prays "Bring it on God.....".


From: gabriel makan
Sent: 24 October 2008 09:16
To: Sue Ranger
Subject: Re: GLS this Weekend

Dear Sue,

The GLS in Jos was, to the glory of God, successful! By 3 days to the Summit, our Registration was about 900. This scared us not to go on Radio and TV, so we do not have Seating crisis. Yet we realised that doing so would have served as Reminder to many delegates who were selected/nominated by Heads of their Church Denominations. Attendance first day was around 550 and second day around 650. The Speakers were well received and we have continued to receive positive feedback of how a blessing it was to those who attended.

My time with you at Bracknell was so valuable as it gave me a good picture of how the GLS runs. Willow sent a volunteer Technical person with a good Projector. He arrived in Jos, along with 2 officials from Kent's Church, on the 14th October. We had time to go over issues peculiar to our Location and God helped us such that at the end we made just a few learning mistakes.

Thanks for your support and prayers. Our God will continue to be glorified in our labor of love for His Kingdom sake. Please extend my personal appreciation to Pastor Simon.

Yours sincerely,

Gabriel Makan

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