Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Weekend

Catrina and I always knew that this was going to be a crazy year, so at the start of it we sat down and planned to have a couple of weekends away with just the two of us. This weekend we had the second of those weekends, and just had a fantastic time together. I love my wife! We're now planning our diary for 2009 - romantic weekends away will be high on the list of first things to go in there!

From what I've heard it sounds like a good time was had in Bracknell too. I'm in the middle of listening to Lee's preach from Sunday morning, it sounds like both Lee and Zoe did a great job speaking on Sunday. I also hear there were over 180 people from more than 60 churches at the CAP Money training course we hosted on Saturday - it's great to be in partnership with the CAP guys - their success is our success.

Let's just hope Newcastle can beat Man City tonight, and then my weekend will be complete!



Sandra said...

glad you had a good weekend Simon not sure Newcastle will do the business for you though!!!

Simon Benham said...

I'm not sure either, but I can always hope!

Anonymous said...

Hu simon

it was a great privilege to be part of servicd sunday morning I felt Lee was very honest when he spoke about walls being put up I totally could relate to that. I am sad I missed zoe in the evening as I have been told by others she was very good.

regards karmenie

Anonymous said...

hi glad you guys are being sensible and making "headroom " in your both deserve it....
irene m